Now we’ve all heard the topic before: Cats.

so if you don’t like them, or prefer dogs…get out now. This article will not apply to you and I may have then just wasted about five minutes of your time, and that’s way too much responsibility for me to handle at the moment.

So for you cat lovers out there, or those who do have 5 minutes to spare, I want to point out to you one of the wonders that Durham has to offer- that is the most scenic venue to kidnap a cat.

Now if you’ve made the trek through the bailey into the forrest that lies beyond you may have come across a grey cat and at times a black cat. Setting aside personal preference I would go for the grey cat, the black cat is a bit elusive and just seems shady. I’m not putting forth the idea that any sort of kidnapping is moral, but it does allow for a great adventure. Just make sure to feed your entrapped creature and after a sane amount of time set it free. Always remember if you love something set it free, and if it’s meant to be it will come back to you…(though this might not be the case seeing as the cat doesn’t belong to you)

on a side note, I had the greatest pleasure of having a cat roam around my balcony. Though I did try to entice it with food, cat’s definitely do not appreciate having bread thrown at them. Another life lesson: Don’t throw bread at the things you love. However, I do find myself with about 10 tin cans of cat food just waiting for the day señor estranger comes back.

(Excerpt from the Diary of a mad cat woman)

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