Hey baby, come back to my place and I’ll show you _______ Answer: Cards Against Humanity

Imagine yourself in a circle, surrounded by your friends, or at times strangers, eating a sandwich*

Well there you have it the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

The box is on the middle of the table and the cards shuffle out.

These are the top 5 people you will surely meet in one of these exclusive card games:

1. The funny man

This person never fails to somehow make the card work. There is no such thing as a bad card with them.

2. The foreign one

The game must be stopped every 5 minutes or so to explain the card to this clearly uneducated person. But it’s all forgiven, they’re pronunciations are priceless.

Their motto: what’s a Jedward?

3. The one who’s never there

This person will play a couple of rounds before disappearing into oblivion and making his/her presence known by making the odd comment here and there.

4. The poker face

This person can be classified as being the relatively more silent one of the bunch. And then out of nowhere they will pull out the card that people will remember the most. Beware.

5. The overly enthusiastic one

This person really woke up on the right side of the bed. She gets humor when it’s not even funny, but in reality you’re just the foreign one who didn’t get the reference.

The game, like any reputable massage parlor concludes with a happy ending: A Haiku

So Ladies and Gents bring your most offensive humor (phallic references are usually a big winner), you’re invited to a card game for horrible people.

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