Extracts from Durham


how are you
just because im smoking out the window doesnt mean i want to talk to you
she said boys
she takes it back


A basket ball is rolling in the road. There is a car coming. It slows down. The ball rolls to the kerb. The car goes past.
A girl is holding a cigarette between two fingers resting her elbow on the back of her hand. She nudges the ball with her foot and it rolls into the road. There is another car coming. The ball rolls over to me. I pick it up. The car goes past.

do you want it

A boy comes to the girl’s side.

the ball represents someone she dislikes


Walking on Saddler Street, I turn to her,

who was it that said cellar door was the nicest combination of words in english

Out of the gloom the waiter says,

edgar allen poe

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