Things I am Looking Forward to: End of mind maps

End of sunny weather I cannot enjoy

End of the Freshers being loud and having fun

End of people going to formals loudly

End of all distracting television

End of the international conflict

End of Katie Hopkins

End of people booking out my library

End of highlighter life so I can have a slightly different coloured notes

End of first summative

End of second summative

End of people talking on the way to going out on the Bailey

End of people talking on Bow Lane

End of people talking

End of Billy Joel playlist so I can start it again

End of slow people at Tesco self checkout

End of revision diet

End of deceptive outside temperature

End of people using the shower when I want to shower

End of this list

End of revision

End of exams

End of being boring

Things I am Not Looking Forward to:

Start of unemployment

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