Live From New York!

This weekend was incredible for most people: for those who are in love/have an S.O./got drunk and went to Klute – Valentines Day; for England and Wales fans – Six Nations Triumphs, and for me – SNL 40.

For anyone who doesn’t know me (gutted for you), this is my fave programme – completely obsessed with it: the ‘I’ve actually bought 2 books on the show and am really enjoying reading them’ kind of obsessed. The show airs, unsurprisingly, on a Saturday Night in NYC so I’ll usually spend a lovely Sunday morning catching up with the hilarity that distracts me from my own lonely, desperately bleak existence in the wintery north east.

Sunday was the 40th anniversary 3.5 hour special of SNL (granted it was on NBC so 2.5 hours were commercials for a super ugly Volkswagon) and there were more funny people than you could shake a stick at: even Kayne and he is hilarious.

After 40 whole years of live sketch comedy, the special celebrated everything from 1975 to the current cast: Wayne’s World and The Blues Brothers made an appearance, Fey, Poehler and Curtin took over Weekend Update, audition tapes appeared– Lonely Island did another digital short and The Californians appeared in a bumper 8.5 minute sketch which, in my mind, is the definition of perfect.

So while some of my friends still hate me for going on about it so much, and the other half hate me for showing them the sketches that means they then stop working on their diss, my love affair with SNL will never end – it’s like Valentines but every week – except when it’s not on air over the summer, and when it’s Thanksgiving, and when it’s Christmas and when they inexplicably decide not to have a new episode one week and show last week’s without explanation….

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