My Diss Might Be Rubbish and Other Worries Your problems solved by Flipside’s residential agony aunt, Alex Kirk

I think my dissertation is rubbish and it’s in for two weeks, what should I do? Stressed, Van Mildert.

Make it better; if it won’t get better, just leave Durham and never return.

My boyfriend is really into other girls, how do I make him focus on me? Jealous, Aidan’s.

Be naked and smother yourself in Nutella; then everyone will be attracted to you.

I have had a long, passionate and secret affair with a senior lecturer over the past 4 years, what should I do after I graduate? Jesus, John’s.

Several options:

1) Kill the partner and marry the lecturer

2) Continue being an adulterous playa – remember Ross and his student – it’s only frowned upon

3) Break it off and then write a sitcom about your experience and sell it to Channel 4 or HBO

I have no job prospects because I have been drunk for 3 years, how do I start out in the world? TC, Cuth’s.

Continue drinking and pray the gin never ends.

I am too attractive for my girlfriend, what do I do? Smoldering, Butler.

Get over yourself.

What’s a great opening line on Tinder? Desperate for a shag, Hild Bede.

‘I completed EY’s Cryptic Campus in 10 minutes’ works every time.

If you have any problems that you would like me solve, please send them to flipside@thebubble.co.uk where I will ignore them.

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