A commentary on recent events

It’s been quite a week, ladies and gentlemen, quite a week. First off, news have surfaced that our beloved vice-chancellor will retire from his post in order to fully pursue his passion of preventing regular staffers in educational institutions from earning enough to make a decent living, eroding the unique characteristics that are inherent parts of university identities and setting fire to orphanages.

Second, I had an absolutely awful morning. I awoke at 6ish for no particular reason, spent the next two hours trying to get back to sleep and finally succeeding right before my alarm went off, which was then consequently slept straight through. Meaning that when I arose from my slumber the second time, I was well beyond schedule, which warranted a quick and stressful assembly of body, thoughts and clothes. At which point fate decided to slap a soggy trout in my face once again by making sure I’ve run out of milk. Rest assured, being generally groggy, late and out of milk negated all the positive effects of all the recent sunshine that everyone has been going on about. Your sympathy in these difficult times is much appreciated.

Finally, I shall take the opportunity to commend the decision-making capabilities of the library administration, who, inspired by a wisdom so profound that it is irrefutably beyond the level of understanding I can achieve with my modest intellect, decided that the best time to start the relocation of the books on the bottom shelf is in the at the height of the bloody summative season. Well done you.

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