The police have informed the College that a copying device has been found at the at the Lloyds Bank cashpoint machine opposite the Durham Students Union, if you have used this machine in the last few days it may be advisable to inform your bank Best wishes Anne

which one is the lloyds one
shit which one is it
theres three now

and weve got a 99p transaction to tiger sanctuary limited would that be you sir
yeah could i have a new one just to be safe though
of course
could i have one with a nicer design too
was there anything you had in mind
can you pick something interesting and quirky
i will do my best

cool a tiger design
my favourite animal

hum all taken except that one
sure theyve fixed it

We have just been alerted to further issues with the Lloyds cash machine outside Dunelm stores and people have lost money from their accounts, if anyone has used this machine they should alert the police

Best wishes


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