Creamwe mount the cobbles in the wind
leaves jump at sudden puffs
and float or fly lifeless and red
that’s a big tent
it’s the marquee for ladies night.
shall we go to the palace green cafe

could we sit outside please?
ay ye can lads but it’s a bit windy

some of the marquee is falling down
two men struggle with rippling canvas

i need to tie my hair up
you’ll look like an idiot
i hold the menu down
people are looking at us

er can we have some scones please?
yeah two scones
i look at him
just one
can we… can we have cream with that
yeah of course was there anything else

was she just going to give us scones with nothingyou watch that side i’ll watch this side
if we see the marquee coming at us
we flip the table and hide behind it

there’s only one knife
one of us will have to spread
some of the cream spurts onto the table
hold it down
do you want jam or cream on the bottom
my tie flies into my face
you’re spreading
cream first

eryull have tegoh inside we’re clearing palace green
the marquee’s gonna blow down any minute
and you might get crushed into the wall

a cup sweeps off our table and shatters in ecstasy
i go to collect the pieces
but the waitress comes with a brush and pan

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