BBC Discovers New Species

Fresherium Inbibliothece

This week’s upcoming episode of BBC One show, Life Story, will feature a new species only recently discovered in the altitudes of North East region of the Great Britain. The species has been described by David Attenborough as ‘a mammal of both intense intelligence and ignorance’ and is believed to resemble a nocturnal sloth-like creature. Since their discovery within the last two weeks, ecologists have confirmed that these creatures are actually detrimental to the wider eco-system: the species takes up valuable space and resources needed by older, more established species and frequently invade their habitats. Bill Bryson, who has named the species Fresherium Inbibliothece, believes the greater pressure from formative, and potentially even summative deadlines, has forced these previously unidentified, night-dwellers to emerge from their burrows and do some reading. It is believed that they are still unaware they only need 40% to pass.

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