To Christmas or not to Christmas

With horrible amounts of reading, essays, and applications, trying to think of a topic to write about this week that wasn’t verging on depressing was no mean feat.

So, this week, I thought I’d write about a debate that is being increasingly frequent amongst my housemates…Christmas music.

I’ve lived with the same group of people since my first year, and I’m very lucky that I can say our only real house spats revolve around that. Now I’ll admit, I used to be a staunch believer that you couldn’t start playing, listening to, even acknowledging feeling Christmassy until December 1st (the appropriate time to start playing Christmas music according to 3/5ths of the house).

But coming to university changed that. Maybe it’s the streets of Durham that feel naturally Christmassy, or the dazzling lights of Lumiere, or simply because you must start celebrating Christmas early at university if you want to have a Durham Christmas before the holidays. But anyway, at University, I can’t help but start to peruse the Spotify playlists from early November.

So, to try and win this house “conflict”, I thought I’d share my top 5 cheesy Christmas pop classics (that are only slightly different from the classics), that I am currently listening to on repeat, enjoy!

  1. You make it feel like Christmas – Gwen Stefani
  2. I’ll be home – Megan Trainor
  3. Mistletoe – Justin Bieber
  4. Snowman – Sia
  5. All I want for Christmas is You – Mariah Carey

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Featured image: Mathilde Ramsden-Board via The Bubble Photo Drive 


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