The Power of Opinion

As is reflected across campus controversy and in the ongoing Brexit crisis, the power of opinion – both outspoken and private – is something that has become increasingly prevalent in our culture over recent years. With the rise of prominent politicians like Trump and Farage, rhetoric is on the rise across the political spectrum and has shifted the bounds of what is/isn’t okay to say in public dramatically. It is at this time that the outspoken voices of our writers matter more than ever. 

This week’s Editor’s Picks:

Amy Campbell – We Can’t Accept This: America and Climate Change

Trump holding earth (Aurich/ Thinkstock/ Whitehouse)

Campbell blasts the irresponsibility of US environmental policy in a data-heavy opinion piece, concluding that America is ‘going backwards’ and not forwards in its eco-policy.

Shoaib Ahmed – If you ‘don’t see race’ it’s time to check your privilege

In the very first piece for The Bubble’s new Everyday Politics section, Ahmed calls out those who ‘don’t see race’ as ignoring serious fundamental issues and shared history of racial minorities.

Frances Senn – It’s Not You, It’s Me

A heartbreaking piece about hearing those dreaded words that bring many relationships to a close…and how you should really feel about them.

Rory McKinley – Donald Trump and the Great Man of History

Donald Trump (Source: The Times

McKinley gives a timely and assertive reminder not to attribute too much credit to single individuals in changing the course of history, arguing doing so is a form of dangerous blindness to more significant political undercurrents.

Eleanor Warden – Savvy Student Shoppers

Image: Isobel Fox

An offbeat piece to the broader opinions theme, but some very useful tips of everyday money saving on essentials.

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