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It’s a busy week for The Bubble! We’ve just finished our round of editorial vacancies, we’re hosting a Question Time themed event this evening and entries for the Ideologies writing competition close Friday. It’s also been a fantastic week for articles, and a lot of this week’s editor’s picks really made me think. What’s really been on my mind this week is milestones. Myself and many other second years are now officially half way though our degree, and the event has been marked with unceremoniously boozy nights out in Klute, or formals surrounded by peers. Yet really, this has been a week like any other. At least for now (given the planned strike action), lectures have continued. Deadlines have crept up on us and late nights have been spent pouring over seminar reading. I suppose what’s really spooky is just how fast this first half has gone, and how much more intense it’s all about to become!

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This Week’s Editor’s Picks


Georgia Fulton – The English Dissertation

Literature editor Georgia tells us how to be ‘that person’ and get ahead of the dissertation curve. Here’s looking at you, second years!

Kat Kosheleva – How Do You Know You’re In Love?

Kat addresses a surprisingly taboo and complex question- what is love, and how do you know when you’re in it? With Valentines day coming up, this might be some food for thought!

Sam Berry – An Interview with the RT Hon Anna Soubry

Political editor Sam brings us another fascinating interview this week. This time he interviewed MP Anna Soubry on conservatism, socialism and the future of the Conservative party.

James Cole – Slum Tours: My Shameful Travel Confession

Travel editor Sam really made me think with this week’s article. Is it better, as a tourist, to face up to the oft-hidden realities of the country you’re visiting, or bury your head in the sand and feign ignorance? Furthermore, if you do choose to see the realities of poverty when abroad, what position does this leave you, the tourist, in?

Rowan Evans – Celeste Review: A Platformer with Something Special

Rowan presents a vibrant and compelling review of a game called Celeste, concluding that ‘its story and mechanics work hand in hand to deliver an experience that is both compelling and great to play.’


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