‘I dream for a life’ – a poem about the war in Ukraine

Happy Monday everyone! This week’s Editor’s Note is a little different, but one I wanted to share nonetheless. The war between Russia and Ukraine is very much prevalent, and this tragic situation is what inspired my poem. Yet, this poem is about immigration, and specifically Britain’s attitude to it, as a whole. I always wish there was more I could do to help those fleeing from tumultuous countries in the hope of a new, safer life. This poem is about dreaming for a better life – a life where no one has to flee from their homes to start afresh, yet also a life where we consistently help and offer our love to those that face this difficult choice.

I dream for a life:

                    As I sit under the bursting sky

                        I soak in the landscape of lilies budding;

                        A nightingale sings me a lullaby

                        But it can’t contain my heart from thudding.

                        I dream for a life of continued bliss –

                        Where there is no threat of war.

                        I dream for nature to always bloom like this

                        Is that too much to ask for?

                        The birds here sing harmoniously

                        But what do they sound like across the border?

                        Governments argue zealously

                        Bombs are dropping down as an order.

                        A gentle breeze caresses my face,

                        A feeling of peace in the air,

                        But melancholy has my place –

                        For how can I be happy? The world is in despair.

                        Refugees flee to us to escape their fate

                        Why are people turning their backs?

                        We are blessed enough to not relate

                        Please help them, before more attacks!

                        I dream for children not dreaming about guns

                        And for soldiers to quickly return home,

                        A world where no one’s on the run

                        And spouses don’t anxiously sleep alone.

                        The world could easily flourish,

                        With nature replacing war grounds,

                        But everything seems to be malnourished,

                        With bullets and bombs as the only sounds.

                        I dream for a life –

                        Is it too late for us to redeem?

                        I dream for a life –

                        A life that lives like a dream.


Featured image: taken by Levi Meir Clancy on Unsplash

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