Despite everything, Autumn is such a special time in Durham

Wow… just like that, second week of term flew by! Autumn in Durham is always so special, regardless of what we can and can’t do at university right now, simply looking at the color of the trees, the fallen leaves on the floor and the occasional sunset this week has been a pleasure. As it gets darker earlier and each week starts to casually slip away I can’t help but think, unless you really make a point of making time for things you’ve been ‘meaning to do,’ they just won’t get done! Oh I’ll read before bed, I’ve said every night this week, but it hasn’t happened. Making a conscious effort of not taking time for granted is definitely one of my goals for this term, in life in general! Anyway… hope everyone is well and settling into a new term whether in Durham or from wherever you may be. Some fab articles this week- have a lovely week 3 all!

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