A sign of spring

As the end of term approaches and the deadlines that come with it begin to mount, one of the few solaces this week has been the arrival of spring. With the days becoming increasingly longer, the weather increasingly warmer, and the long-anticipated Easter break increasingly closer, it’s just what we needed to push through the last few deadlines and days of term. On that note, if you are looking to take a break from essay-writing, then do have a procrastinatory read of the following editor’s picks. This week, Melissa Rumbold explores the stories of pioneering women inventors, Magali O’Brien reviews The Batman, and Emily Black evaluates if sanctions are enough to deter Putin from continuing to wage war in Ukraine.

1. Are sanctions enough to deter Vladimir Putin? by Emily Black

2. National Women Inventors Month – pioneering women who changed the world by Melissa Rumbold

3. Castle Theatre Company’s ‘Doctor Faustus’: review by Carlotta El Hatimy

4. The Batman: the wrong writer for the right casting by Magali O’Brien

5. Gucci’s evolution from dullness to exuberance by Thomas Fallais


Featured image: K Zoltan on Pexels with license

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