Triumph of Klopp’s Heavy Metal Football: Liverpool win the Premier League for the first time!

                 Image via Creative Commons CC0

Jurgen Klopp’s teams may play heavy metal football on the pitch, but his style of management-an emblem of patience, grit, structure, and heroic spirit-is more attuned to that of a Wagnarian Opera than anything else. Within 5 years he has turned a fumbling Liverpool side into a formidable force which has now reclaimed the league title after 3 decades, and the soothsayers could only praise its rise.    

Klopp promised Liverpool fans that he would win a title within 4 years of taking over the club. He fulfilled his promise last year when Liverpool won the coveted Champions League for the 3rd time in its history. Now, he has brought to Liverpool that cherished prize whose absence haunted every Liverpool fans for the last 30 years. Finally, the wait is over- and that chant “Championes, Championes’ could now adorn those Liverpudlian lips!


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