How to get the most out of post-exam season

Time to celebrate the summer now that exams are over!

Now that exams have finished, Durham students have three or four weeks of summer sunshine (fingers crossed!) to enjoy, without responsibilities, work or deadlines. It’s an exciting prospect, but it’s all too easy to fall into a black hole of Netflix and Doritos; before long it will be time to return home without having taken full advantage of all Durham has to offer in the month of June. Here are some ideas to maximise your post-exam enjoyment!

Explore Durham

We’re lucky to live in such a beautiful city, but sometimes during term-time it’s easy to forget that there’s more to Durham than Elvet Riverside, the Bill Bryson library and Klute. On a sunny day, going for a wander in the woods or searching for that perfect cathedral view is a great way to spend some time.

Finally plan that full college bar crawl

June is the perfect time to finally see if you can make it round all the college bars in one evening. There’s no need to drink in every bar – in fact, that would be ill-advised – just expect to run between the hill and the bailey in an effort to see every college in Durham before you miss free entry at Klute.

See as many theatre productions as you can

Durham is full to bursting with plays and other theatrical productions after exams have finished. From your hilarious college musical to a moving play at the Assembly Rooms, take advantage of what will likely be the cheapest theatre tickets you will ever see! The university is full of talented actors and musicians – June is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for to see them all perform.

Plan a night in with your friends

For some students, going out is the best part of the post-exam season. However, it’s always good to plan some time to relax – your feet and your liver will thank you for it! Order a takeaway, watch a film or play some board games with your housemates and friends. All you need is a onesie and some blankets to have a perfect chilled-out evening.

Take a trip along the River Wear!

Hire a rowing boat and take a peaceful trip along the river

Durham’s answer to Oxbridge’s punting: why not row one of these lovely boats along the Wear? It’s a great afternoon activity to do with some friends and you could even bring a picnic. No experience required, just watch out for the rowing teams!

Try out a new society

Plenty of university and college societies are putting on fun summer events or taster sessions, so now’s the time to try out that society you’ve been meaning to go to all year. From learning to sail with the Sailing Club to a garden party (with Pimm’s of course) with the English Society, there’s something for everyone!

Check out some alternative music and club nights

Despite its small size, Durham still has a variety of different club nights on offer. You could try out an alternative music night or upcoming bands at Fishtank, go to a comedy night at Empty Shop, or, if you’re willing to travel further afield, why not try out some different venues in Newcastle, such as Think Tank?

Plan ahead

It may be a frightening prospect, but planning for the future is important, and as June is the most relaxing period of term, why not take this opportunity to sort out some work experience, a career-related course, or a summer job? Your bank balance, and your CV, will thank you for it.

College day: one of the best events of the year.

Go to all your college events

If you’re lucky enough to have your college day after exams, cross your fingers for some sunshine and make the most of your day! If your college day is a distant memory, you could always tag along with a friend to see how their college day compares.

Get out of the Durham bubble

Durham is a wonderful city, but sometimes it’s a good idea to get out of town and explore somewhere new. Take a train to places like Alnmouth, Whitby, Newcastle, York, or even Edinburgh, and spend the day there. There are so many attractions, productions and events happening in the North East, and now exams are over, you have the freedom to enjoy them!

Make a meal of it

Now could also be a good time to spend some time with your housemates or housemates-to-be! You could have a meal out together, or squash into your kitchen and make one yourself. Alternatively, you could host a dinner party together. Invite some friends, cook a meal and have a great evening!

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