Five student budget-friendly date ideas

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, you might be looking for ways to make it special with your loved ones (whether that’s a significant other, your friends, or your family – all kinds of love are here to be celebrated!). It might be an opportunity for you to splash out, and if that’s what you want to do then that’s great! However, if that’s not your style, or if finances are feeling a little tight, there are ways to show that you care without spending loads of money. Here are some ideas on how to celebrate Valentine’s Day without breaking the bank:


1. Watch a film

Whether you’re trying something new or going back to an old favourite, watching a film is always a fun activity to do with someone you love. If you fancy going out, the Gala Cinema offers £5 tickets for all films and is even showing The Notebook on February 14th! If cinemas aren’t your thing, it’s equally nice to snuggle up at home together and watch something on TV or a streaming service. Watching a film is a great excuse to sit back and relax with your favourite people – or, if the film is terrible, at least it’s a good talking point!


2. Cook a meal at home together

Going out for meals is lovely and a great way to make an occasion feel special, but it can be expensive. Cooking at home is a great alternative and can be even more enjoyable, so get stuck in and spend time together in the kitchen. You can make this as romantic or as casual as you want – you’re in charge. It’s easy to make delicious meals without loads of expensive ingredients – just check out our student recipe ideas. Put some good music on and dance around the kitchen – making memories starts at home!


3. Explore Durham

With an historic city centre, beautiful river, and acres of countryside not far outside the city, Durham has so much to offer for the avid sightseer. The best bit is this activity can be free if you want it to be! A stroll through a park or down by the river can be a great way to spend quality time with your favourite person and won’t hurt your wallet; you might even find a new favourite spot. For some inspiration on where to go, check out our recent article on getting outdoors in Durham!


4. Head out to Newcastle

If you feel that you want to get away from Durham for a bit, heading to Newcastle is a great idea. Train tickets to the big city cost as little as £5 and open up a whole new area for you to explore, with even more variety and novelty than you might find in Durham. With a huge range of restaurants, coffee shops, galleries, bars, shops and activities, Newcastle is a goldmine of ideas for the big day – and, if nothing else, there are new streets to wander and discover.


5. Teach each other your favourite hobby

Sharing the things you love with the people you love is a wonderful way of showing that you care, and can bring you together in a fun and engaging activity. Whatever you’re into, be it art, sport, music, or any other passions, introducing your loved ones to your hobbies can bring you even closer together, and can cost as little or as much as you want it to! An alternative date idea could be trying something new to both of you – perhaps a kind of dance, art, or exercise? Whatever you do, it doesn’t have to be pricey: as soppy as it sounds, the quality time together is more important than feeling you have to spend loads of money.


These are just a few ideas on making Valentine’s Day exciting without having to spend lots of money – the main thing is that it is enjoyable and special for you! (And for all the singles out there, don’t worry – Valentine’s Day can still be a great time to treat yourself on a budget and you can still have a lovely day). So whether you’re loved-up, single, or anywhere in-between, remember that you can make February 14th a day to love without splashing out!


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