The Ultimate Pool Playlist


Pool. You have provided me with countless hours of enjoyment and pleasure. Late night matches until the sun comes up fill me with delight. Banter over the green felt and intense intercollegiate games: oh Pool, how I love you.  My passion comes at a cost however: complete and utter neglect of study.  Nevertheless, I’ll be proud to leave Durham with a low 2:2 in Anthropology BA and an adequate level of pool playing ability.  When potting balls, having the correct temperament and the eye for shots is key but what is equally important, if not more, is the soundtrack that is accompanying you. In this article, I will provide budding Ronnie O’Sullivans with a soundtrack to have on in the back while they play the wonderful game that is pool.


  • Blue in Green – Miles Davis = Picture this: A slow Friday evening, a whisky on the rocks and a pool table. A fantastic trio. For something as classy and chilled out as a few rounds of pool in the evening, what else would be better than some relaxing Jazz by Mr Jazz himself, Miles Davis? Your pots will be as smooth as Bill Evans’ piano playing if you get this one on the aux.

Miles Davis

  • You’re the best – Joe “Bean” Esposito = When you need that final bit of encouragement to pot a hard shot from across the table. Stick this inspiring 80s banger on all you’ll be sure to tap that ball straight in the pocket. This cheesy tune is guaranteed to pump you up.


  • Sultans of Swing – Dire Straits = You’re 5 balls down, your opponents on top form and there’s fiver is on stake (and your pride too). You’re in dire straits, what do you do? Whip this one on. To me, this song emulates the sort of desperation that we’d all be feeling in that situation. The fast, jazzy nature of the song and the driving beat will be enough to ensure a comeback of some kind. If only I could have the same level of skill at pool as Mark Knopfler has on his guitar…


  • American Girl – Tom Petty and The Heart Breakers = For the ultimate bar game you need to be listening to the ultimate bar song. The roaring guitar and rock’n’roll attitude of Tom Petty provides the perfect atmosphere for night of shooting pool with the boys.

    Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers


  • Fix You – Cold Play = We’ve all been there haven’t we; the dreaded seven-ball. You tried your best, but you didn’t succeed. This melancholic number provides the correct atmosphere for the painful feeling of getting annihilated by your rival. Pool will take you on a roller coaster of emotions, that’s for sure


There you have it; the greatest pool playlist of all time. Let these wonderful songs accompany your long, beautiful nights playing pool.  Remember, being able to backspin the white is what all respectable employers are looking for these days so don’t worry too much about revising for the up-coming exams: have a few games of pool instead!

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