GET NAKED. Not what you’d usually expect to see on a Monday morning, is it? All over town, it’s been made clear something big is coming. Those bright red posters that have been plastered all the way from the Viaduct to the Science Site really are begging just to see some bare skin. I LOVED*CK, a little forward some might think? But it really does get you thinking, why the sudden crudeness? And what shall we expect on March 6th? 


You’ll be pleased to learn the profanity is all for a good cause. Type #Runderpants into social media and you’ll be greeted with images of people sporting colourful pants for charity. The event taking place in June will involve Durham students running a mile through town in nothing but their underwear to raise money for the Neuro Foundation. With loads of cool freebies on offer, what better way to spend a summer’s afternoon post exams?

In the meantime, we’re calling on you to “Spot the D*ck”. Our DUCK mascot will be running through Durham in his dashing new pair of Runderpants tomorrow afternoon. Take a photo of him and upload it to social media using #Runderpants and you’ll enter yourself into a prize draw for a £50 Amazon voucher.

Keep your eyes peeled and follow facebook.com/duckendurance for more updates.

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