Durham’s ultimate Halloween guide

What to wear

Stuck on outfit choices? Want to keep within that student budget? We have your Halloween outfit sorted. Forget using up all your toilet roll on a sub-standard mummy outfit which will have fallen apart by the time you leave your house. Instead, head on down to the dress up shop (which can be found down several steps next to the left of the Body Shop) and find fabrics of all sorts of different patterns ranging from leopard print to camo, and so much more. All of this would cost you a small total of around £2, and perhaps even less as the fabric is big enough to be split between two people.

What to drink

Jello shots! Grab several packs of jelly, and replace half the amount of water with a spirit of your choice (vodka is the most commonly used), pour the mixture into shot glasses and place them in the fridge until they set. For extra decoration add a gummy worm into each shot glass before the jelly sets in the fridge.

If you’re feeling slightly lazy, then just add green food colouring to spice up your everyday gin and tonic or vodka lemonade to get into the Halloween spirit.

Drinking games are another fun way to start off the evening and get everyone into the Halloween spirit, so here are a few ideas:

Alcoholic apple bobbing: Apples soaked in vodka? What more could you want! Grab your washing-up bowl, fill it up with some fruit punch (could even be as simple as some Tesco’s vodka mixed with juice or squash), carve numbers into your apples and let people dunk their head in and grab an apple each. The number on the apple correlates to the number of digits they have to drink of the punch. (Fun fact: apple bobbing is one ancient game, dating all the way back to the Roman invasion of Britain!)

Trick or Treat: In 6 shot glasses create a ‘treat’ shot in three (something along the lines of apple sourz or WKD) and 3 ‘trick’ shots (gin, vodka, or anything along those lines). Number each cup and get a dice. The player must drink the shot of whichever number they land on. Warning: multiple ‘trick shots’ may lead to an interesting night!

Eyeball Beer Pong: You guessed it: beer pong with a fake eyeball – to save money just grab a permanent marker and draw an eyeball on a ping pong ball.

Monster Mash: Players count out loud as they go around the table. Too simple? The twist: they must say “monster” on numbers divisible by three, and “mash” on numbers divisible by five. For example, “1…2…monster…4…mash…monster…7” Whoever goes wrong, drinks! Surprisingly, it is a lot harder than it sounds.

Where to go

Conveniently, Halloween falls on a Wednesday this year. This means that pretty much wherever you go will certainly provide a good night out. Whether it be Lloyds, Players or Fabios, you are guaranteed that there won’t be an empty dance floor in sight.

However, for an exceptional night, Jam City are taking over the Library terrace for a Halloween special from 7pm if you fancy skipping the pres and heading over to this.

Several pints down, you may want to move on over to LOFT which will be open till the early hour of 4 AM! Analogue are taking over for their big launch party which is set to be a big night filled with disco, hip hop and original mash-ups. Not one to be missed!

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