Hew Locke: Countering colonialist sculptures in 2022

Hew Locke is one of the most interesting artists working currently. Born in Edinburgh in 1959, Locke was the son of a Guyanese sculptor and a British painter. He moved to Guyana from 1966-1980 and was present for the independence of the country, greatly impacting his work. With a background in sculpture, the artist has […]

Statues and Memorials: An imperfect reality

Josiah Wedgewood. John Lambton. Two names with very little connection. However, both of them played their part in Britain’s imperial legacy in understated, yet significant ways. They embody a complex history in which their commendable acts could only exist in a society we prefer to overlook. Josiah Wedgwood Following the removal of the Edward Colston, […]

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