Trevelyan College: ‘Say It Loud!’.


Only 1 in 4 people who apply for asylum on the basis of their sexuality are granted status in this country often because they don’t have the legal representation to build their claim successfully.’ Say It Loud.  

This year’s Trevelyan College Charity Fashion Show is focused on bringing the college community together to celebrate our differences. We are raising money for the charity ‘Say It Loud Club’: showing our support and raising awareness for those who are not only discriminated against for their sexuality and gender identity, but also persecuted to the extent that they have to flee their country and livelihood.

Diverse representation is at the heart of Say It Loud Club.

The charity aims to give those who have been forced through a terrifying and often demeaning process of seeking asylum, legal aid, advocacy, and support. Founded by the activist Aloysius Ssali, who we are thrilled to say will be speaking at the fashion show, the goal of the charity is to ‘provide as many LGBTQA+ refugees who are seeking asylum the support, community and legal aid they need to enable their freedom in the UK.’ 

Say It Loud supports the LGBTQA+ community as well as having an international impact. The more we discovered out about the organisation, the more we were invested in the work they do, and the more passionately we felt that as a student community, we need to become more aware of the adversity faced outside of the Durham bubble. Aloysius was a student when he set up Say It Loud Club in Uganda – we have the same potential to make a difference.

Sam Simpson, Trevelyan College LGBTQA+ Representative, said: ‘I am so impressed by the hard work and dedication the TCFS team have shown to ensure they are as respectful as possible while remaining devoted to this cause. Its really inspiring to be part of a college and university that is not only accepting but encouraging of diversity, and I look forward to seeing the fashion show help shed a spotlight on the ‘Say it Loud’ charity and its incredible cause.’

This year we have set out to ensure that the charity is at the heart of the event. We are working hard to make the show a display of unity, love and celebration. We want to use the theme ‘Say It Loud!’ to represent the incredible diversity within Trevelyan College and be an opportunity to make a difference for a cause that is crucial to the achievement of equality in the UK.

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