5 basic sex toys to try as a newbie

Using sex toys can spice up your sex life significantly, and there aren’t really any downsides to them. Not only that, but you’ll be treating yourself to improved sleep, better immunity, and stress reduction. That’s right, using sex toys can lead to some interesting health benefits.

Feel free to try different things, as you’ll never know what pushes your buttons unless you experiment. In addition to that, the experimentation can be quite a boon to couples wanting to innovate and expand their sexual repertoire.


A lot of women out there rely on clitoral stimulation for their orgasms. That’s exactly what vibrators do — they stimulate the clitoris by vibrating, pulsating, and throbbing like no human can.

But that’s not all they can do. Depending on what you’d like to experiment with, there’s a wide range of vibrators to choose from. If you’d like to try out penetrative vibrators, you can certainly find those in many online stores. Some of them come with a tip that can be repurposed for clitoral stimulation for a change of pace. Of course, if you just want the sensation of oral sex and the external stimulation, clitoral vibrators will do the trick.

Rabbit vibrators combine the best of two worlds, providing you with both internal and external stimulation at the same time. If you’re just starting off, a rabbit vibrator might be overstimulating. On the other hand, wand vibratos offer both kinds of penetration, but not at the same time.

Finally, you can try bullet vibrators, which are quite small, and great for both clitoral and vaginal stimulation.


Dildos are perfectly simple sex toys and perhaps the best ones for beginners. They come in different shapes and sizes, letting you get quite imaginative with your silicone partners.

You can use them for both vaginal and anal play, but it’s best to start off with smaller, easily-insertable ones. Their texture can also vary, but as a beginner, you should probably go with smoother ones first. Later on, when you’ve had your fair share of dildos, you can try the ones with bumps and ridges.

Some of the most popular models of dildos include double-ended dildos, glass dildos, the ones attached to a harness, and even inflatable dildos. Take your pick. Once you’ve practiced enough, you could technically make your own dildo that suits your particular needs.

Anal Toys

A crucial thing to look for in an anal toy is a flared base. That prevents your anus from sucking up a toy and saves you an embarrassing trip to the ER.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, we should mention how incredible anal toys are. The common misconception is they’re for gay men only. In truth, anal toys are an excellent addition to regular intercourse for both men and women. They can make sex even more enjoyable and orgasms far more intense.

So, what are some of the anal toys you can try out? The most common ones are:

Anal beads. They’re not intimidating due to their relatively small size and shape. The T-shaped piece of plastic at the very end ensures the toy is easy to pull out and doesn’t get stuck where it shouldn’t.

Butt plugs. Plugs are a sort of foreplay that stretch your anus, allowing it to take in something larger next. They usually come in three variants: vibrating, non-vibrating, and weighted.

Anal dildos. They’re perfect for stimulating the prostate gland in men and the sensitive back wall of the vagina in women. Like we mentioned before, make sure they have a flared base and start off with smaller models, about the size of your finger. Don’t forget to lube up for this adventure!


If you’re into submission or domination (or just a bit of bondage now and then, no labels attached), you should know there are sex toys designed specifically for that purpose.

As long as there’s consent from both partners, BDSM toys can be a great addition to your sexual repertoire. Blindfolds, collars and chokers, gags, clamps — take your pick. You should definitely try something simple like blindfolds first, and slowly work your way up the S&M ladder.

Male Sex Toys

Male sex toys are more popular than ever, as we’ve stated before. Therefore, the amount and variety of sex toys for men are ever-increasing.

Cock rings are probably the best-known sex toys for men out there. They can be vibrating or non-vibrating, with the former being quite the treat for couples. Essentially, what a cock ring does is increase the blood flow to the penis, causing more powerful erections.

Prostate toys are another treat for men willing to take experimenting to the next level. The P-spot is located on the wall of the anus that’s facing toward the penis and is a delight to stimulate.

Finally, we couldn’t mention male sex toys without discussing penis sleeves and masturbators. Even people who aren’t into sex toys have likely heard of the (in)famous Fleshlight. What these toys do is imitate the vaginal or anal opening, including their respective texturing. Basically, they’re the male equivalent of a dildo. In fact, it’s possible to learn how to make a masturbator of your own if you so desire. It can be a fun little project for couples.

Featured Image: Dainis Graveris on Unsplash 

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