The Nintendo Switch Revisited

The Nintendo Switch

A year ago, I wrote the words “The Switch Will be Nintendo’s Make or break”.  And a year ago today the Nintendo Switch launched. My article explored whether it would live up to the hype, so I thought I would follow it up one year on. So, is the Switch worth it? Has it been a success?  


 In the year leading up to the Switch’s launch, people were sceptical. Nintendo were diversifying into the mobile market and had disparaging sales figures for the Wii U.


Things were not looking good for the new console.   


I didn’t get a Switch on launch but have owned one now for a few months. In my estimations a year ago, I said the Switch had captured my attention enough to buy one. Despite this, I questioned whether this would be the case for most people.


 It is my firm belief now that the Switch is a console for everyone, in ways that even the Wii failed to do.  


The versatility of the is console is the most important aspect to me. Being able to play games in both handheld mode and on a big screen is something which I never knew I needed in a console. I play mostly in handheld mode, but I am glad to have a more traditional home console experience also.  


The many modes in which you can play the switch only add to this versatility. This is down to the simple brilliance of the Joy-Cons. Two small controllers, great for easy multiplayer, and together as one controller for single player games. If you didn’t like the Joy-Cons you could buy a Pro controller, but I don’t see the need. 

The Joy-Cons

The best thing about the Switch’s portability is being able to take AAA games such as Breath of the Wild with me wherever I go. Besides this the large selection of indie games is perfect for the Switch’s portable mode.  


At launch the games library seemed small. Nintendo, since then, have pulled all their punches to deliver the best first year of games on any console in years. When you think back to the launch of the Wii U (or any other console), their launch titles are feeble in comparison.  


Nintendo saved their best for the first year. They hit us hard with Breath of the Wild, Super Mario Odyssey, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, and many more great games.  By any stretch of the imagination, 2017 was the Switch’s year for sheer volume of games to play.  

The Nintendo Switch in docked and portable mode

The price of the console might put people off (it put me off) but it is worth it.  


It’s hard to explain the appeal of the Switch until you’ve used it. The best comparison I’ve seen is to a paperback book. It is easy to pick it up to play and just as easy to put it down. This has meant people who didn’t have time for games before now are able to play for the first time in years. 


If you are looking for a new console, I recommend the Switch. Its uniqueness puts it above its peers, despite its graphics being behind. And if you don’t believe me, the sales figures alone should peak your curiosity.


After a hard few years of slowly losing their audience, Nintendo have found their stride again. Whether the Switch will be a universal hit on levels similar to the Wii, only time will tell.


But for now:


The Switch has been Nintendo’s make, rather than break.


If you are curious about the Switch read my articles about Breath of the Wild and Celeste; two great games for the system.

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