Which Christmas dinner item is your college?

It’s Christmas Eve and if (like me) you can’t wait to tuck into this year’s festive feast, why not see how your college fairs in comparison to the traditional Christmas dinner?

Castle: Turkey

Image: Mark Miller

The main event. When you think Christmas, you think turkey. Likewise, when someone thinks Durham, they think of the grandeur of the castle. Not always the tastiest aspect of the Christmas meal, but definitely its crowning glory.

Hatfield: Brussel Sprouts

Another necessity in the Christmas dinner alongside the turkey. However, these controversial veggies cause quite an uproar. You either love them, or you hate them- quite like Hatfield…

Aidan’s: Carrots

Always at the other end of the table, often forgotten and overly healthy.

Grey: Mince pies

Image: David Telford

The standard accompaniment to the Christmas dinner. They may not look like much from the outside, but its what’s inside that counts.

St John’s: Yule log

Steeped in tradition and cultural significance, both the Yule log and John’s represent a more classical festive experience.

Van Mildert: Stuffing

A great accompaniment to birds…quack quack…

St Cuthbert’s Society: The Cheeseboard

Catering for all dairy preferences, like Cuth’s, the cheeseboard is a hodge podge of delicious goodness. Whether you want a creamy brie, or a stinky stilton- the cheeseboard has your back. Quite like choosing between the catered, bailey experience, or the self-catered ‘river’ experience in Parson’s Green.

Josephine Butler: Nut Roast

For those who wanted the ‘alternative’ culinary experience at Durham.

Stevenson and John snow: cranberry sauce and gravy

Pretty delicious but always too far away…

Mary’s: Christmas pudding

Image: James Petts

Looks impressive on the outside, but the contents are open for debate.

Hild Bede: Pigs in blankets

Only appearing at Christmas time, like Hild Bede, pigs in blankets are rather mysterious and secluded. A wonderful combination of two types of pork (or two colleges), they’re a delicious addition to the Christmas dinner. Good luck finding them at any other time of year though…

Ustinov: Brandy butter

Not something that everyone chooses at Christmas, brandy butter is for those with a more refined or *cough cough* mature palette. Although often forgotten, brandy butter is delicious in its own way, despite not being as well remembered as the other features of the Christmas dinner.

Collingwood: Roast Potatoes

Image: J Doll

The staple of any roast, these delicious nuggets are supplied in vast quantities and are adored by the majority of guests.

St Chad’s: Bread sauce

A traditional, but very small accompaniment to the Christmas dinner. Bread sauce doesn’t necessarily have the largest impact on the Christmas dinner, but it helps to bind everything together.

Trevelyan: Quality Streets

Like the makers of the Quality Street tins, this college loves their geometric shapes. Or, should I say shape?

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