Recipe: Rocky Road


This rocky road recipe is one of the simplest things that I’ve ever baked, yet it is the creation that always gets the most compliments. Not only is it a true crowd-pleaser, but it is easy to transport and will last for days refrigerated. Not that it’ll last that long!

There are loads of different variations of rocky road, and I am well-placed to testify – I’ve tried most of them! However, after great experimentation, I think that this version is the best. There is just the right balance of sweet, smooth chocolate mixture to textured ingredients.

The beauty of the recipe, though, is that you can throw in all sorts, depending upon your personal tastes. Here are just a few ideas (which would be chopped and added at stage 5 with, or instead of, the nuts, digestives and marshmallows): any other nuts; your favourite chocolate biscuits/bars; any dried fruit (cherries work great); chocolate chips; popcorn; honeycomb; rice crispies. So get experimenting today!


250g unsalted butter

400g dark chocolate

100g golden syrup

250g digestive biscuits

100g walnuts or pecans

2 large handfuls of marshmallows

1. First, prepare your baking tin (about 20cmX25cm) by pressing clingfilm in the base and up the sides, so you have some left overhanging. This is a bit of a pain to do without it just sticking to your hands and coming out again, but don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be neat! However, this is my tried and tested easiest way to take your rocky road out and cut it once it has set

2. Break up the chocolate and place in a heatproof bowl. Melt together with the butter and golden syrup, either in the microwave or set above a pan of barely simmering water

3. If you are using large marshmallows, cut them in half.

4. Break up the digestive biscuits into fairly large pieces – around a quarter of a digestive each

5. Stir the marshmallows, nuts and biscuits through the chocolate mixture until well-distributed

6. Pour the mixture into the prepared cake tin and refrigerate overnight

7. When you want to slice it, simply lift the whole slab out of the tin using the overhanging cling-film before cutting

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