Embracing Autumn with Halloween baking trends

It is that time of year again.  

There is a new chill in the air, and the evening darkness is descending earlier and earlier with each passing day, while my ever-growing reading list can no longer be ignored. We have officially entered the ‘ber’ months, and there is no turning back.  

But before you lament the approach of autumn, allow me to remind you of the excitement and opportunity that comes with the change in season. Streaming services are beginning to advertise horror films and Halloween staples (Hocus Pocus anyone?), annual Gilmore Girls rewatches have begun, and Halloween costume inspo is beginning to circulate.  

Now, I will be the first to admit that Halloween has never really held a prominent spot in my festive lineup. If anything, it has always seemed a mere stepping stone on the way to Thanksgiving, Black Friday and (my personal favourite) Christmas. But this year – blame it on my horrid scrolling habit – I cannot help but get drawn into the seasonal baking trends and the allure of spooky season.  

In this spirit of embracing change and temporarily forgetting about tomorrow’s lectures, I am excited to share six of my favourite TikTok Halloween baking trends. Whether you are planning a cosy Friday night with housemates and a bottle of wine, in need of inspo for a Halloween-themed house party, or just want to get in the spirit of the season these trends have you covered. Bonus points if you pair these with a pumpkin ‘paint and sip’ session.  

Ghost Chocolate Covered Strawberries  

One of the easiest TikTok food trends to tackle is these chocolate-covered strawberries with a ghostly twist. These treats require minimal ingredients, and no baking is required, making them low-effort, high-reward. Easy to make in a large batch – perfect for snacking or hosting. All you need are strawberries, white chocolate and milk or dark chocolate. Oh, and a fridge. My biggest piece of advice: do not stress the details – they are easier than you think, and often turn out better than you expect.  

Oreo Truffle Mummies   

Super cute, super simple. These small Oreo bites only call for four ingredients and similarly do not require any baking, A fun take on the classic cookie, these could not be easier. They combine Oreos and cream cheese to make the base and are topped with white chocolate. The result is a creamy chocolate bite-sized treat. Disclaimer: you do need either a blender or else you are signing up to do a lot of hard work to break these cookies down.  

Ghost Pizza Night  

This must be my favourite seasonal trend so far, and I promise it is surprisingly easy to execute. No need to concern yourself with making pizza dough or pasta sauce – you can find all the individual components ready-made, and you only must assemble them yourself. My recommendation would be to find a pre-made pizza base (I used the Pizza Express one, but it makes no difference) pasta sauce, mozzarella cheese (pre-shredder to make it even easier), and any toppings you might want. Roll out your dough and shape it in whatever way your heart desires (ghosts are popular, but I am secretly a fan of pumpkin shapes), top it, and bake.  

Mummy Brownies  

This trend takes an easy staple recipe and makes use of decoration to give a seasonal touch. Perfect for any chocolate fans. It is simple, but it will take more time than some of the other suggestions. I would suggest it as an evening activity or to spend a couple of hours over the weekend. Instead of using the icing suggestions of TikTok, I would suggest this white chocolate ganache that only calls for white chocolate and heavy whipping cream.  

Marshmallow Ghost Cookies  

Much like the brownies, these cookies take a regular double chocolate cookie but add marshmallow and white chocolate to give it a Halloween makeover. It is a great basic recipe to work with. I will admit these do take slightly more decorative skills and patience than some of the other trends. I would highly recommend them for a fun activity with impressive results but be prepared for a bit of a challenge. 

Board Night  

Hosting a board night is a fun idea that is easy for either an Autumn or Halloween theme. If you choose to take the Halloween route, simply add some spooky decorations on top of your boards. Some ideas to get you started are a s’mores board, an apple and caramel board, a classic charcuterie board, or a trick-or-treat board (all suggested and demonstrated in the linked video). Either assemble yourself and invite everyone over or get each person to create their own.  

Want to create the perfect Halloween atmosphere to accompany your kitchen adventures? Here is a perfect Halloween playlist stacked with the classics: Halloween Party Playlist   

Prefer a chill Autumn sound? My favourite is this classic album that truly plays on the sounds of the season: Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong  

Do not let the autumn months pass you by in a blur of lectures and dark evenings! Whether you are a true Halloween lover, or just looking for a fun way to embrace the season, these trending recipes promise to make your fall a little more delicious.  


Featured image: Olia Danilevich on Pexels 

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