Baileys, a Classic

Smooth, creamy, versatile and immensely satisfying; Baileys Irish Cream is my all-time favourite drink and I thank the Irish for bringing it into my life.

It was introduced in 1974 as the first Irish Cream on the market and since then has expanded with new exciting flavours and sexy packaging. Originally seen as the ‘older lady’s tipple’, it soon broke through this niche market to target professional urban women who like to party hard. I am a student who lives in Durham, so a far cry from either of these target groups, but this does not stop me jumping on the Baileys bandwagon!

As I said before, Baileys is versatile. Apart from having it in a glass on the rocks (the classic way), experiment with it in your food! A couple of Christmas’ ago I discovered the wonders of Baileys truffles. They are ridiculously rich, but in a good way. No matter what time of year, my devilish side will turn to a Baileys truffle over a Cadbury’s Freddo any day. Ice cream has also been transformed for us Bailey lovers, and a side of chocolate cake or brownie compliments it perfectly! If you’re feeling adventurous however, you could always make a Baileys and Chocolate Cheesecake. This is something I have yet to get round to (maybe I’ll wait for it to become an ‘end of dissertation’ celebration cake?) but if you have time at the moment, the recipe on the next page looks ideal.

I realise I may not convince everyone to fall in love with Baileys. It is a rich taste that some see as more of a dessert rather than a drink for a night out, but why not try something new next time you’re on a bar crawl on in your college bar for a casual drink? You won’t regret it, I promise!

Baileys and Chocolate No-Bake Cheesecake

– 100g butter

– 250g digestive or chocolate bisciuts

– 600g cream cheese

– 100g icing sugar

– 300ml whipped double cream

– Baileys or Chocolate Baileys to taste – between 25ml to 75ml

Crush up the biscuits and mix with melted butter.

Press down the mixture into a round cake tin which has been lined with grease proof paper and leave to set in the fridge.

Whip the cheese, and add in the icing sugar and Baileys.

Lastly, carefully combine the cream into the mixture. Do not overwhip, as the cream will lose its air.

Spoon this mixture onto the biscuit base and pop back in the fridge until it sets.


Post summative cheesecake bliss

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