241: The Boat-Club’s After Work Club

Positioned alongside the splendour of the River Wear, The Boat-Club beats with an energy that entices by passers to discover what goes on within the 500-year-old building. More than just any conventional place to have a drink or two, this riverside bar and eatery boasts not only spectacular views of the historic Elvet bridge but also live music on Sunday nights during Happy Hour (5–7pm), as well as hearty meals, making it a popular location for socials, birthday gatherings and events.

Gourmet burger on 2–4–1 promotion

During the day, one can enjoy an indoor or alfresco lunch with a breath-taking panoramic of rowing boats gliding along the river, however it is in the evening when The Boat-Club comes alive and transforms into one of the “hotspot” for both students and locals alike, filling its wooden interior, which resembles a glamourised version of a boat shed (hence the name), with a vivacious ambiance that is just too infectious to resist.

With the new academic year, there’s no surprise that The Boat-Club has provided us with yet another reason for us to brave the unrelenting cold to indulge in its freshest food and alcoholic offerings. Applicable for a selected array of gourmet burgers and refreshments, 2–4–1 is the latest promo of its ‘After Work Club’. From Sunday to Friday at 5–8pm, The Boat-Club gives customers the opportunity to order two of their favourite burgers and drinks for just the price of one!

The After Work Club poster

Perfect for evenings after a long, tiring day of university and/or work when you just want to sit back in the company of some good warm food and refreshing drinks in an affable atmosphere (and all this without burning a hole in your wallet), The Boat-Club should be your go-to place!

Having heard about this fantastic deal, I, along with three of my colleagues went to see what 2–4–1 was all about…

Warm your bellies

Served with a grilled brioche bun, little gem, tomato and white onions, each and every burger is accompanied with a generous portion of home fries, mixed salad and homemade burger relish. For what would just get you one main at another restaurant, The Boat-Club beats it by giving you two! At just £8.95, you and a friend can enjoy two burgers out of a selection of three tantalising flavours of Crispy Bacon, Chicken and Veggie.

Crispy bacon burger and Chicken burger

For the first time ever, I opted for the vegetarian option to fulfil my longstanding curiosity of how a meatless burger would taste like. Fries and salad aside, the moment I caught a glimpse and scent of my burger, I instantly regretted my decision due to the fact that it 1) lacked the familiar smell of succulent beef or chicken that I was so used to and 2) looked slightly less appetising compared to the other burgers options my colleagues had ordered, however, I’m glad to admit that my initial pre-devouring thoughts were completely wrong. Although not glimmering with the oil of the crispy smoked bacon that topped the 60g beef patty, my scrumptious vegetarian patty was jammed packed with flavour (the patty was made from potatoes, sweetcorn, peas and carrot) and I was impressed to say the least! The fluffiness of the brioche bun had perfectly complemented the compact flavoursome patty, which was further enhanced by the creamy tang of melted goat’s cheese and subtle kick of the spicy tomato chutney, and I can gladly say that I’ll definitely be opting for the veggie burger the next time I visit (which will be very soon!).

Veggie burger served with home fries and mixed salad

Quench your thirst

And of course, it wouldn’t be a true student-friendly deal without covering a selection of beverages! For alcoholic drinks, £5 can get you two long serve cocktails and £5.50 can get you two mojito cocktails from a variety of classic, raspberry & melon, strawberry, blueberry and orange. As for non-alcoholic drinks, the promo additionally offers two bottles of San Miguel Fresca for the price of one—£3.80.

Long serve cocktails

For more information and updates on the 2–4–1 deal, visit the Boat-Club’s website or Facebook page.

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