The year we undressed

Open the draw, take out your mask.

Do you long for the days, the essential was a clasp?


Look in the mirror, tie up your hair.

Forget brushing it today, the world doesn’t care.


Except when it does – Don’t forget that zoom call!

The self-cultivation for which, once saved for balls.


Do you remember those times? The touches and shoves.

Of suit fabric, silk. Potential loves.


Instead now we slip in what feels best:

With dressing gowns and tracksuits we make our nests.


On occasion: forced cheer. Dress up in your kitchen – steamy.

A pretty scattering of acne on the jawline (dreamy).


Casual, smart casual, formal, black-tie?

Give me options, some direction – sweatpants again? I might cry.


And so, I set about preening for the shops

Some days it’s no time, some days it’s lots.


So now, we search for the times of fun:

In little things, ribbon things, buttons undone.


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