Gen Z- The Depop Generation

Fashion may indeed account for around 10% of greenhouse gas emissions from human activity but there are certainly ways to reduce the impact that your wardrobe has on the climate. Eco-conscious fashion companies have noticed a gap in the market for sustainable fashion and are quickly exploiting it, which is stimulating the circular economy. The circular economy promotes the elimination of waste and the continued safe usage of natural resources. This circular model is definitely achievable through acts such as sharing, recycling, repairing and refurbishing old clothes.

Fast fashion companies are facing staunch criticism and stigma, due to their lack of ethical values and limited traces of sustainability within their factories. So, the eco-conscious Generation Z have taken matters into their own hands. Depop proudly states that 90% of its active users are under 26, capturing their target market of millennial and Generation Z shoppers. This rapid uptake of shoppers and strong usage of the service has driven Depop up to a vast amount of 30 million active users.

Depop is not a rejection of fast fashion, it is simply an evolution. Depop cuts down on waste and encourages Generation Z to recycle pre-loved clothes. Although this eco-friendly app does possess a considerably lower carbon footprint relative to that of high-street brands, it also enables consumers to buy clothes for a considerably smaller price tag. What more is there to say? Thrift shopping is the new window shopping and it is going to go a long way in preserving our environment!

The rising popularity of e-commerce has clearly boosted the popularity of this social shopping platform and it is clear to see why it has survived, thrived and flourished. Depop enables its users to clear out their wardrobes in exchange for a financial reward. The main function of the app may be to buy and sell clothes, but it also allows the users of the app to follow people’s profiles who share their sense of style. Depop has consequently succeeded in building a strong network of fashion fanatics that are just as enthusiastic about the environment as they are about trends. Hopefully, the ideas and principles behind the app provide just a minor insight into what we can expect to see in the world of retail going forward.

So next time a wedding season or race day is around the corner, you will know exactly where to head to find something stylish, yet sustainable to wear. The only problem is, what exactly should you wear? Depop will sort this out for you. Depop’s range of effective filters and search tools help you to break down your options, so you can find your perfect fit. Depop ships internationally and they are practically instantaneous when it comes to processing payments. Reliability is thus one of the many benefits of this eco-conscious shopping platform.


Depop is arguably the best alternative to fast fashion brands such as SheIn, Zara and Primark. So, what are you waiting for? Depop provides an easy way to turn your pre-loved clothes into a side hustle and profitable exercise. Not only will this brand save you money, but you will be saving the environment in the process. Collaborate with the inclusive Generation Z, who crave flexibility and work together to save the future of our planet for us by downloading Depop today.


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