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I hate silence. I am one of those people who is constantly listening to something whether that be music, a podcast, or an audiobook. I simply do not understand those people I see walking to lectures with nothing in their ears. What are they thinking about? And how can they stand the lack of distraction from their thoughts? Maybe that’s my problem, maybe I employ a constant level of background noise to drown out my racing mind… but I think that’s an issue for another time.

For today, I thought I would impart my hard-earned wisdom of all things sound waves and share with you my top five songs, podcast shows, and audiobooks. Yes, you’re right, nobody asked for this, but I do think I have some serious wisdom in this field which needs to be distributed amongst the masses so, you’re welcome in advance.



1.No Bad Days (feat. Collett) – Macklemore

Such a quick mood booster. Its fun, its energetic, and, for me, perfect to listen to whilst hoovering.


2.Everything She Wants – Wham!

Pure camp and I’m obsessed.


3.Laura – Scissor Sisters

I only discovered this song recently but again and again it manages to put a pep in my step and brighten my mood.


4.If U Seek Amy – Britney Spears

Like with all Britney songs, this track is guaranteed to get me on the dance floor strutting my stuff.


5.HONEY (ARE U COMING?) – Maneskin

If you saw Eurovision two years ago you will know Maneskin were the winning act, blowing Europe away with their incredible sound. This song in particular is one from their more recent album and it makes me feel like an absolute bad ass I love it.



1.The Elis James and John Robins Show

This is undoubtedly my favourite podcast show of all time. I am currently, for the third time, working my way through the back catalogue, listening to all 308 podcasts they have produced on BBC Radio 5 Live. The pair are effortlessly funny week after week and have some of the most incredible text topics, my favourite being an unplanned discussion about ‘what gives you gas?’ when listeners texted in listing the foods that made them break wind. Relatable #content.


2.The Rest is History

A fascinating podcast where historians Tom Holland and Dominic Sandbrook interrogate the past and de-tangle the present. My favourite episodes would have to be the run of shows they did to explore how and why the Nazis came to power in Germany. As a history student myself, I love hearing their discussions and new takes on the history that I thought I knew; it almost feels like being a fly on the wall in an incredibly fast-paced, engaging seminar.


3.Rob Beckett and Josh Widdicombe’s Parenting Hell

Started during lockdown, this podcast delves into the world of parenting in a hilarious way. Rob and Josh share their ups and downs and chat to celebrity parents about how they’re coping. It’s a true testament to the pair that, me, a childless student, finds their content incredibly entertaining.


4.Newly Weds

This podcast with Jaime Laing and Sophie Habboo began as ‘Nearly Weds’ as the couple divulged their experience of being engaged and planning their wedding. Now they are happily married, and the podcast has been re-named, we are allowed some insight into the pair’s life as a newly married couple as they share their lives with the listener which, often involves amusing stories about poo.


5.Help I Sexted My Boss

In this podcast two unlikely friends, William Hanson and Jordan North share their wisdom and answer listener dilemmas as they aim to help people navigate the challenges of modern life. William and Jordan come from very different worlds, William being a posh etiquette expert and Jordan being a self admittedly, common radio presenter from Burnley. These differences often mean that the pair come up with incredibly funny solutions and answers to the listener dilemmas which always leave me in hysterics.



1.The Man with the Flaming Battenburg Tattoo – Rhod Gilbert

This is my favourite comedy show of all time, hands down. Rhod is an unmatched comedy writer and tells us the story of how his relationship ended as a result of him getting a tattoo of a flaming Battenberg. I’ve listened and watched this show countless times and I never tire of his effortless wit.


2.Agatha Raisin – M. C. Beaton

Yes, I am an old woman for listening to Agatha Raisin but no I am not ashamed. A spin off from Agatha Christie, Mrs Raisin retires to the Cotswold’s after a high-flying career doing PR in London. As soon as she arrives, she is seemingly never two feet away from a dead body and becomes an amateur detective, solving the murders that are stumping the police.


3.No Shame – Tom Allen

An incredibly vulnerable yet funny listen, Tom Allen reads from his book ‘No Shame’ in which he takes us through his life and explains what it was like to be an eccentric, gay child growing up in Bromley. His anecdotes of dinner parties for crushes and work pushing a dessert trolly round a golf club are truly charming and allows the listener a glimpse into the Tom Allen we all know and love.


4.Funny Magnet – John Richardson

Another comedy shows which I hold dear to my heart is Funny Magnet. I find John’s discussions of prioritising cleaning skirting boards over going out unbelievably relatable and his sketch analysing the irritating way in which MasterChef judge, Greg Wallace, tastes food is laugh-out-loud funny.


5.Mapp and Lucia – E. F. Benson

If you want to feel comforted and relaxed, you need to listen to Mapp and Lucia. This gently funny audiobook tells the story of Lucia, newly widowed, coming to stay in the seaside town of Tilling where she rents a house from Mapp for the summer. The pair both like to be the centre of the social scene and end up competing for dominance which provides great insight into, what I would imagine, a W.I meeting looks like.


Featured Image: Jonas Mohamadi on Pexels with License.

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