The exam bubble

With the first day of the official exam season starting today – good luck!

Whether it be your first year of uni exams, you’re a seasoned pro, or you’re an unfortunate maths student with in-person (*shudder*)exams, good luck from everyone at the Bubble!

Whilst everyone is most likely in a little cocoon of stress, I’m going to repeat the same message you’ve probably been told each year of your exam life – make sure exams don’t become your life! Go for a walk, watch your favourite Netflix sitcom, or a personal favourite, stress baking – do something purely for you over the next few weeks.

Good luck, but try and get out of the exam bubble just a little bit!

1. It’s powerful, it’s confident, it’s elegant – it’s Louboutin – Kirsten Meek 

2. Enjoy the sunshine with a delicious picnic! – Kate Langton

3. The era of the movie musical – Fiona Steer 

4. Durham Students Unite to help Ukrainian Refugees – Anna Murphy 

5. Gen Z- The Depop Generation – Halle Afflick 

Image credit: Nick Boreham via The Bubble Photodrive

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