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On Saturday, The Bubble hosted its very first Alumni Network event. Designed and set up by our indefatigable Deputy Editor Amy Campbell, this was a fantastic opportunity to hear from three very successful former editors about the extent to which our magazine impacted their respective careers. I had myself the pleasure of sitting among the panelists and contributing my two cents to the discussion.

The Alumni Network Panelists: Emma Alessandri, Anastasia Maseychick, Amy Campbell, Sam Berry, and Abel Bede (from the left). Image by Siobhan Gardiner.

I am currently studying for a Master’s degree in Molecular Biology and have set my mind on a PhD in Plant Pathology. I challenge you to find someone apparently less suitable than me to talk about how some experience with student journalism has helped them land their dream job. And yet, this journey is teaching me lessons that transcend more obvious specific and transferrable skills.

This role has not only given me the chance to implement my ability to communicate science, whose social and economic implications demand strong public awareness. It has never been solely about people and project management either. Although I have unexpectedly found myself enjoying those aspects as much as the writing itself, reducing my Bubble experience to this one epiphany would be a partial and inaccurate judgement to say the least.

So far, the take-away message of most value to me is a lifelong advice that would not necessarily fit into my academic CV and actually echos some Mandelian aphoristic words claiming that it always seems impossible until it’s done. If you are good enough to be assigned a task, you are good enough to complete said task.

I remember attending my very first editorial meeting as Columns Editor at the beginning of my second year. I remember looking at Anastasia – former General Editor and panelist at the Alumni Network event –  and struggling to imagine myself looking as professional and confident in her own shoes. I remember the anxiety that I felt when I was appointed Jr. General Editor and realized that she would eventually entrust me with the project that had defined her entire university career. One year later and to my very own surprise, I feel utterly calm and so very happy.

It is indeed the honor of my life to lead a student organization that has meant so much to so many. Some of them, including the Alumni Network panelists, I have the pleasure to call friends, which makes this experience even more meaningful. It is now my duty to ensure that The Bubble keeps lifting many more talented individuals. Rest assured that I will do my very best till the very end.

And now enjoy my picks for the week!

Becky Percival – Trevelyan College Visual Arts Committee presents: Elemental Layers Exhibition

‘Sunday 3rd November was the preview for Elemental Layers at Trevelyan College’s Bar. The Bubble went to go and check it out – and interview exhibition organizer, Amie Kirby.’

Fabiola Hauwel – Vaping -Safe Untile Proven Otherwise?

Image by –  Available on Flikr under Creative Commons 2.0 license.

An interesting and informative Science piece on a very current matter.

Ciara Church – Representation of Female Politicians: a downward spiral?

“‘Is a man allowed to be Prime Minister?’ A powerful question proving the authority that Thatcher obtained. Yet since her reign as PM, we seem to have slid backwards and once again begun questioning the ability of women to hold office [..]”

Anne Sim – A Comedy of Errors: Why The Jocker Movie Fails At Being ‘Clever’

Joaquin Phoenix in Joker (source:

‘[…] the good of Joker doesn’t outweigh the bad, mostly because of how muddled its message was.’

Emma Tucker – The Halloween Round-Up

Image by Gigi Hadid. Available on Instagram.

Take note for next year!

Wishing you all a fantastic week,


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