Stress ‘N’ Chill

Dear readers, welcome back to another crispy cold term of summatives, cider, and signet rings!

Coming back to this life of academic commitments and household chores might initially seem like a struggle to some. You might have reevaluated the astonishing beauty of a perpetually full fridge, and the sight of the immaculate toilet in your parents’ house might have left you in awe. According to Durfess, a statistically significant number of you miss your dog already.

That’s totally understandable. Epiphany term is a challenging one and all the joyful memories made over Christmas – of family and mince pies, golden retrievers and aseptic environments – are still painfully fresh. However, as soon as a sense of warm familiarity infiltrates and cracks your nostalgia, your love for this picturesque town and its people will resurface and trump, or at least attenuate, small inconveniences.

Also, our beloved bubble could very soon turn into a snow globe (brace yourself, it’s all fun and winter-wonderlesque till you slip on your way to Gilesgate), from where to safely observe the panic and intellectual confusion over intricate contemporary matters, such as Brexit and razor adverts.

I hope that the editor’s picks of the week will relieve summative stress and help you get through the big chill.


Alex Rigotti – The Inbetweeners Reunion Shows Us How Not To Do A Reunion

Alex Rigotti clearly explains why the reunion of “one of the most beloved shows of British television” throws away its “painfully hilarious realism” and “quintessentially British setting”.


Myles Blackwell – Parliament’s Brexit Boon

As anticipated, you can keep yourself updated on this very intricate contemporary matter from the comfort of your overpriced Durham accommodation simply by reading Myles Blackwell’s article.


Freya Ellingsen – Skin Saving Products for the Winter Months

You will thank Freya Ellingsen.


Shoaib Ahmed – Empowering Music to Take Into the New Year

Some pretty good alternatives to Mr Brightside.


Anna Traherne – Has Andy Murray Played his Final Match?

“The Scottish tennis star revealed that he has two options for his future in tennis […]”


I wish you all a very successful term!



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