How To Be Single

Dear readers,

I hope you’re well and that your Sunday was even more exciting than mine, that mainly consisted of reading papers on insect oral secretions and buying dishwasher rinse aid from Tesco (by any means, the highlight of my day).

Again this year, Valentine’s Day has left behind a remarkable amount of depressed supermarket flowers, discounted heart-shaped chocolate, and disgruntled singles who weren’t given a 5£ teddy bear from Card Factory.

Well, if you’re indeed single, I hope you were among those who enjoyed Valentine’s Day regardless.

I hope you celebrated with your friends, cause you have the wisdom to realize that love is multifaceted and romance is only one of its aspects.

I hope you live with the peaceful and rock-solid conviction that the right person will come around when the time is right.

If you actually want to remain single, I hope it’s because of some perfectly respectable self-assertive views, and not out of fear.

And if you actually hate Valentine’s Day with a passion, I hope it’s because your pure and idealistic self fiercely opposes the capitalist monetization of one of the noblest human feelings, and not out of bitterness and scantly disguised envy.

Ultimately, I hope you’re happy.

Also, I hope you’ll enjoy the editor’s picks of the week…


Autumn Foord –Your degree as throwback CBBC shows

Well written, funny, and obviously something you absolutely need to know before graduating!


Riana Dixon – Obligation Chocolate: Japan’s Problematic Valentine’s Tradition

An interesting article on cultural differences and controversial customs – have a read if you think that being single is the worst thing that could happen to you on Valentine’s Day.


Nicholas Brown – Why it’s great to be different: The Outsider Art Sale of William Louis-Dreyfus at Christie’s

“Difference is also crucial to art. The best artists always seem to have experiences that define them, experiences that are often singular, that distinguish them from the rest of society.”


Meg Luesley – The Ophelia Effect: On The Virgin Suicides and Personal Grief

An introspective and touching reflection on a traumatic event inspired by an iconic movie.


Anna Traherne –What does Brexit mean for British Sport?

Spoiler: it means Brexit.


I hope you’ll have an amazing week,



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