Frozen Heat

Dear readers,

I am delighted to observe that the horrifying weather of the past days hasn’t cooled down enthusiasm and debating fervour.

It has actually been a rather intense week in Durham. A lot has been said, discussed, contested – from the abortion argument to the power dynamics of the Durham Union Society.

Any debate – whether it’s taking place online or in the streets – can be an opportunity for personal and collective growth, as long as there’s no room for dogmatic refusal. So long live heated, prolific, and fair intellectual conflict.

I hope you will find the editor’s picks of the week equally engaging and stimulating!


Wajd Beshara – Why Bashir Needs To Go

A very interesting column on the Arab leader Omar al-Bashir.


Georgia Fulton – How to Dominate your Dissertation Deadlines

“The first thing to work out is: are you a planner or a philosopher?”


Constance Lam – My 2018 Literature Journey

“I managed to embark on a delightful journey, discovering new authors and new books, written by my longstanding admired authors.”


Anna Tratherne – How to Keep your Fitness New Year’s Resolutions

For those of you who still believe.


Tom Henderson – Where is Power in the (Durham) Union?

A well-written insider’s take on the Durham Union debate.


Keep your minds open and be nice to one another,



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