Summer Style: What’s in your wardobe?

Although it’s exam season, we can almost see summer and despite our revision attire of pyjamas, trackies and the same t-shirt 5 days in a row, we can’t wait to treat ourselves to a summer wardrobe of serious style. So what’s in this season?


Culottes are a strange piece of clothing, being shorts but looking like a skirt and normally around knee-length. However, they’re the new ‘in’ thing. Coming in a variety of pattern, prints and bold colours, team them up with a plain crop top and sandals for an alternative outfit.


A few years back nobody would be seen dead in a pair of these, but fashion has definitely changed. Now it’s a case of switching your skinnys for a pair of wide leg trousers and they’re slightly more sophisticated than the Thailand trousers most Durham students seem to own. Wear them with a cami or crop-top and a pair of flatform shoes to actually look fashionable in flares.


Girls it’s time to get the Grans busy. This seems to be another trend from Thailand or a new take on Grandma’s crochet patterns. It is perfect for those summer afternoons of picnics, beaches and sunshine. Crochet crop-tops are a definite must-have this summer, but this season has also seen a surge in crochet dresses and shorts, so we’ve no excuse not to have something crochet in our wardrobe.


Dungarees are perhaps one of the most comfiest things to wear. Not only do you feel an incredibly comfy adult-baby, but dungarees are so simple to pull-off and look pretty good! Whether they’re short dungarees, or long ones, black, denim or patterned, worn with just about any t-shirt, you can look and feel stylish. So get yourself a pair!


The 70s style, would you believe it, has finally re-entered our fashion world, and the shops are filled with flares, flowers and fringes. Fringes can be found on just about anything, from tops, shorts, dresses, bikinis and kimonos, the fringes are at the forefront of this season’s summer style.What seems like a clash between the 70s and a classic Western movie, everybody needs to spice up their outfits with a fringe trim.


Denim dresses, skirts and tops are everywhere too and so easy to style because they go with almost anything. Mix up your denim dress with different accessories and you can make or break the outfit for an up do, or depressing day of rain. Whilst denim looks good with bare legs, sandals and sunglasses, it doesn’t matter what the Durham weather brings us, as we can wrap our denim up and still look great.


You might think ripped jeans are slightly strange. What’s so special about getting your knees out? Well it’s all part of the revived ‘90s grunge’ that has spilled into most of our shops. Teamed up with a t-shirt or body, you’ve got yourself a distressed, casual outfit. White ripped jeans are particularly popular, being a more summery take on the grunge glamour.


Again inspired by the 70s, wooden shoes are actually now acceptable. From wooden mules to chunky flatforms, you’d really make a sound and statement in such footwear.

So whilst worrying about exams for now, look forward to splashing out your savings on some new clothes for the summer. Whether you’re ready to brave the 70s style or would much rather be seen in a pair of cosy dungarees, the shops will have something for you.

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