Our SU President on Twitter: is it okay for SU officials to single out individuals publicly?

A tweet from our SU President, Megan Croll, has sparked an interesting debate about the role of SU elected officers on Twitter:


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This provoked a debate about Megan Croll’s role as SU President and what is appropriate behaviour for her position – the difference in opinion being over whether she is obliged to defend herself and fellow officers, or whether it is wrong to single out individuals in the student community she aims to represent.

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Is this the right way to defend a fellow officer? How serious was the student’s offense? Should SU Officials be allowed to single out individual students through their SU platform? Could the problem have been addressed in any other way? Will this response have resolved the problem?

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  1. Anonymous says:


    Ohh, I do hate it when people use a position of responsibility to call out an individual…

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