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Winter wardrobe: the best from Durham

The Bubble Street style is back for 2014, seeking out the particularly well attired to feature in our gallery of fashion.

Unsurprisingly, as the previously mild January gets colder and colder, coats, boots and scarves make a staple for any warmth-concerned student. Camel colours and parka coats make an excellent staple, coupled with bold colours or printed scarf to add a hint of individuality. Integrate seasonal changes and comfort into your wardrobe, popular elements such as a bright bobble hat or a sheep-skin coat are right on trend, as well as keeping you toasty through whatever the Durham weather throws next. Block colours lend themselves towards a classic look and clean lines, ensuring that even the most hastily put together outfit looks coordinated and effortless. Don’t think that winter means being stuck with muted colours. Experiment with brighter elements to your outfit or accessories to add a bit of vim and vigour to your look. Similarly, don’t neglect your footwear, investment in some winter boots can lift an outfit by complimenting a style or providing colour or texture contrast.

We’ve searched the streets of Durham for the best examples of winter fashion and stylish outfits…

Name: Abbie

College: St. Mary’s

Subject: Biology

Describe your style in one word: ‘girly

Name: Rory

College: Cuths

Subject: French and German

Describe your style in one word: ‘chilled

Name: Alice (right)

College: Grey

Subject: Sociology

Describe your style in one word: ‘quirky

Name: Ellie (left)

College: Grey

Subject: Anthropology

Describe your style in one word: ‘[apparently] southern!’

Name: Charlotte

College: Hild-Bede

Subject: English

Describe your style in one word: ‘mixed

Name: Cameron

College: Cuths

Subject: Combined

Describe your style in one word: ‘casual

If you think you should have been featured, or if you want to get involved in Durham ‘Street Style’ e-mail the News & Features section for more information.

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