Megan Croll tweets Sky News and Tom Harwood over Harwood’s misleading title

Megan Croll, current Durham Student Union president, has raised a misleading Sky News introduction of two-year Durham NUS delegate Tom Harwood on twitter.

In interview with Tom about the NUS and other student societies’ proposed action to create a new referendum on any final Brexit deal, a female presenter introduces Harwood as ‘ex Durham Union president’.

Megan Croll took to twitter this morning to raise that Harwood was not in fact an ex Durham Union president, but ex Durham Union society president:

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Reportedly one million student representatives have agreed to the referendum proposal, concerned with their future prospects post-Brexit. Harwood emphatically denies this, arguing instead it is ‘around 100 people from the NUS who have got together and are very upset that the referendum didn’t go the way they wanted it to go, so they want to have another go’.

Full interview:

2 thoughts on this article.

  1. Ed Walters says:

    I don’t think it was misleading, because the DSU would never be called just the Durham Union, but calling it the Durham Union Society would have been more specific.

  2. Reader says:

    I really appreciate Tom’s work in denouncing some of the extreme and alienating ideology found across some student unions across many UK universities, but his point here is nonsense. It’s common knowledge that University students are overwhelmingly opposed to Brexit. His own ‘constituency’ in Durham voted in substantial majority that their student union should campaign to oppose brexit, rather than campaign for or remain neutral in 2016.

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