Lockdown Lessons

Being enclosed in a house for months and months, with company or alone, funnily enough leaves a lot of time to reflect. Lockdown has forced us all to question our lives and to re-evaluate what is really important to us. I am sure that almost everyone has learnt a thing or two in lockdown; about themselves and perhaps about others. So here are some of the lessons I have learnt, which you can most likely relate to, during an odd period where extreme boredom saved lives. 


  1. The art of being alone – this became a struggle particularly for those who had to quarantine alone. Going from socialising every week with your friends, or spending everyday with your family, to being forced to spend time alone is an almighty challenge. As humans, we are naturally sociable creatures; for human interaction to be taken away is a real blow to our happiness, leading some of us into a cycle of depression. The only way out is to learn how to enjoy spending time with yourself; go on a nice walk, do a home workout, learn the language or instrument you have always wanted to learn, create a watchlist for yourself etc. Time spent alone is also an opportunity for self-improvement. 
  2. How to live in the present – granted during lockdown this was near impossible, as everyday spent in the present would have felt like a lifetime. However, this utter boredom has taught me how to fully enjoy any activity that I now get to do. I had never enjoyed my family holiday to Portugal as fully as I did this summer post lockdown. Honestly just getting into a car felt like a rollercoaster. I cherished every moment of that holiday as I soaked up as much sun as possible. 
  3. Appreciate what you have – in the busy hubbub of daily life, we often forget what is most important to us. Our jobs or our work tend to take over our lives, draining our energy and leaving none for our friends and our family. I understand that for many it is a sacrifice that must be made, however for those who can choose between work and family, I urge you to prioritise the latter. Family and close friends, at the end of the day, are the key to our happiness; they support us and are there for us no matter what. So please when you get the chance, show them or tell them that you love them and are grateful for them. Contrastingly, lockdown has also given us time to reflect on who needs to exit our lives – people that consume all our energy or perhaps any toxic relationships. There is no time for people like this; our energy needs to be used wisely and if it is not a mutual reciprocation, they can leave. 
  4. Life is precious – as cliche as it sounds, living alongside so many unfortunate deaths, over which you have no control, makes me realise how much of a privilege it is for me to be young and alive. It is a crazy world, but it is still a beautiful world. For those who are healthy and fit, I would encourage you to take as many opportunities as you can, to be selfless and help others, to spend time with your families, and most especially, to be kind – always.   

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