Inhuman Charity Fashion Showcase

Fashion: questioning what it is to be human.

This Friday and Saturday, the 7th and 8th March, Durham University’s Stop the Trafficking of People Society (DUSTOP) will host the Inhuman Charity Fashion Showcase.

The black tie event, to take place at Redworth Hall in Darlington, will be hosted in collaboration with the group’s chosen charity, Stop the Traffik. It aims to ‘brutally […] raise awareness of the disturbing effects of human trafficking’ through challenging the concept of the human and ‘the stereotypical ideals of beauty and personhood’, celebrating individuality and its free expression.

In order to reinforce its message, designers whose ideals are rooted in the group’s aims have been specifically chosen, representing anti-exploitation through ‘extraordinary art, creativity and fashion’. The organisers guarantee a night of ‘avant-garde designs’ to question our beliefs and put an often-hidden issue back into the foreground.

The event follows this term’s successful Union forum on the state of modern slavery, and Eberé Anosike of the Inhuman team says that all of those involved are ‘excited’ for the weekend and seeing all of their hard work pay off, promising ‘a uniquely fabulous night’.

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