House Hunting Horror

It’s just been a week since term started but the one question that would already be plaguing freshers and returners alike would be that of- “So what are you going to do about housing next year?” To some, next year might seem light years and to others, it may seem like tomorrow. Amidst all this chaos, how does one make a decision about housing and potential housemates?

Do NOT base your decision on freshers’ week! That’s the worst decision one could make. During freshers’ you may or may not have your best friend but do not decide on potential housemates based on those interactions. Everyone is nervous during freshers’ and everyone will make that extra effort to fit in. You don’t want to discover someone’s “true colours” after signing a house. Give it some time.  A lot of people find it better to house with coursemates. There will always be someone to help you out with the coursework or to walk to lectures with.  On the flip side, some may want a break from their degree and would want to house with those who are doing a completely different degree to diversify the atmosphere.

If you’re someone who likes your own space and like to do things on your own, a 7 bedroom may not be ideal for you. It’s important to keep these considerations in mind otherwise you don’t want to be left regretting your decision for a whole year. It’s also important to know whether your future housemates are responsible and will be willing to share some of the workload. You might get along with them really well but if you’re left to do all the organization and coordination with the estate agent, you might want to reconsider. Alternatively, there are studios and student halls if you want to live close to your friends but want your own space at the same time.  Cooking, budgeting and cleaning are a big part of living out. If you think you’re not up for it or want to focus more on academics, college may be the best bet for you.

Whatever you want, don’t make any decision hastily. Take your time and chalk out the pros and cons. After all, one academic year is a long time to regret a decision….


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