Durham Students’ Union announces ‘pioneering’ restructure of union setup

Union President Millie Tanner says the change “will be very beneficial for students”

Durham Students’ Union has announced that the organisation will be undergoing significant structural change in what they call an “innovative new approach” to the sector.

Last week, the union revealed plans to enable the organisation both to gain “a better understanding of the needs and wants” of its students as well as giving said students “the opportunity to make a meaningful impact on the world”.

Chief Executive, Paddy Reilly, said the new structure would move away from the “‘traditional’ students’ union model.

“It was extremely useful in moving us forwards as an organisation, and achieving the objectives of our last strategy. However, as we look forwards to a new strategy it is timely to implement a new and relevant staffing structure.”

Union President, Millie Tanner, hopes that the new structure can be of greater benefit to students, stating, “It has been designed to create a culture of students developing their own skills, taking ownership of tasks and having the opportunity to get involved with Union projects.”

What exactly the new structure entails and its practical implications are yet to be revealed.

It is known that the “innovative new approach” to the union will see some of the staff remaining in their previous jobs, but some employees will be affected and must apply for new positions.

Meanwhile, the union has been posting numerous vacancies on its Twitter page as the new structure is implemented.

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