Dancing with a Grapefruit in Klute

My friends and I are consistently late to every netball social which obviously leads to forfeits. At the very first netball social we ever went to we arrived around half an hour late – clearly making a great first impression! As we arrived we heard, much to our alarm, that the forfeit involved being sprayed with whipped cream. My friends and I promptly gathered together and decided to hide because as much as whipped cream is great to eat, having it in our hair, ruining our makeup and making our clothes sticky was not exactly ideal. We giggled in the loos while everyone was calling out our names looking for us – it was difficult to stay quiet. Luckily, we managed to avoid the forfeit and snuck back into the social to enjoy some whipped cream. Thank goodness! At the same netball social, where we had to wear anything but clothes, I somehow managed to rip my shoddily made bin bag skirt over the course of the night – fortunately I had some shorts on underneath. Maybe it was while I was running away from the forfeit!


At a basketball social, the challenge was a strawpedo race with two teams. I wasn’t paying attention to what the challenge was so I made the mistake of agreeing to participate. Only team members were allowed to sit down and I just wanted a seat! My team members were not too pleased about adding me to the team as I openly admitted I had never tried to strawpedo a drink before. I kept asking for advice on how to successfully strawpedo, my particular concern was where to put the straw. I watched the absolute beasts who could strawpedo the whole drink in a matter of seconds go before me and realized I was in trouble. When it came to my turn, I had the straw in completely the wrong place and basically ended up dribbling it down myself. I naively had thought that I could do it but the truth was, I was awful at it! My teammates eventually gave up on me and the next person started the race even though I was barely halfway through. I hid the drink under the table and pretended I had finished it. Needless to say, I can’t strawpedo but I’m learning! It was my first time!


Another challenge was to touch the grapefruit each time the social sec said to, which led to a mad scramble of people tripping over each other. It was a girls versus boys social which led to intense competitiveness. If the girls were the last to have everyone touch the grapefruit, two of us would have to be tied together with string, and the same rules applied to the boy’s team. I ended up being tied to two different girls which led to a lot of laughs as we tried (quite unsuccessfully) to coordinate our movements. The boys repeatedly cheated, at one point they even stole our grapefruit and ended up chucking it about as we walked along. They also hid it and made us go and search for it! One girl and one guy were in charge of holding their team’s grapefruit all night – even in Klute, which made for some interesting dance moves. We did throw it about in the club and took turns taking care of it as well. One of my friends joked about taking it home and eating it but after all the adventures it had been through that night we decided to leave it outside of Klute instead.

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