Coping with Covid

Covid is spreading like wildfire in university and, if it’s not Covid symptoms you’re experiencing, it’s probably FOMO. So close to the hustle and bustle of everyday normalcy and yet also approximately 6 feet away from it. And it just doesn’t feel fair either. Not when we’ve already done this for two years, not when we find out our own prime minister didn’t bother adhering to the same rules we were all subject to.

Equally, the 6-10 days you experience locked down before you test negative do not have to be totally hellish. I won’t even bother recommending the usual trio: books, movies and exercise, as this holy trinity has been used and abused throughout all of Covid-19 history. Instead, I’m going to suggest new ways for you to entertain yourselves and maintain good spirits when struck down by the c-word.



This might sound bizarre but humour me for a minute. Handstands are an easy trick to learn (an excellent party trick that can be used by both genders as a mating dance of sorts, whether you wish to whip this out in Jimmy’s or Players I’m sure the bouncers will be plenty amused) but, regardless whether this trick actually ever comes in handy, it certainly is an interesting way to strengthen your balance, muscle dexterity and ability to cope with dizziness right after you stand up.


Oh, the privileges of the 21st century! After hours of scrolling on TikTok (or Instagram reels if you’re a heathen) and acquiring some semblance of artificial serotonin, it might be a useful reminder that your phone can also open up your small room to a much bigger world. Whether you finally give your parents (and siblings if they’re lucky) a call or ring your neighbouring college buddy, Facetime can offer a tad of the social connection that you’re craving.

Mocktail making

It is in respect to your livers and minds that it is perhaps a better lockdown hobby to practice making mocktails than cocktails. Explore your creativity, spice up the common drinks (maybe if you go for a DUCFS interview and they ask you what drink you are you can tell them your new concoction). But please, let’s keep the coconut and orange juice separate.

Colouring in

Be kind to your mind. Lockdown is hard, especially at university where it’s certainly less easy to navigate. Colouring in can give you time to practice some mindfulness or enjoy your own company, don’t shy away from letting your thoughts wander or listening to some new music. Have the time to hibernate, enjoy your own presence (and your warm room as its certainly icy and chilly out there) and come back with your social-battery charged and ready to enjoy the rest of your term.


With the Omicron variant rife, the chances are most of us will be struck down for at least six days at some point or other. Don’t let this become a chore, enjoy your time in your own rooms and don’t bother stressing about missing nights out. Clubs will still be open when you leave and people will be just as willing to go with you. Get healthy, get happy and enjoy your time positively.


Featured image: Annie Spratt via Unsplash with license

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