10 things that have made exam season a little bit more okay…

1.Keeping up with the James Charles – Tati Westbrook beef that has kept us all hooked to the internet (and has us more prepared on an exam on Youtubers than any of our real modules) has been the perfect reason to procrastinate.

2.Eurovision last Saturday made not only the weekend but the whole of exam season a little bit better. A night of screaming of joy at the projection in college bars really does make a difference to screaming of stress at my pillow.

3.The sun’s been out (so all of Durham’s dogs have been out too).

Source: Jonny McCausland

4.Game of Thrones is finally over and we can now move on with our lives, seeing as clearly too many of us were only watching it to flex on how we’d stayed up to watch it past 2am the night before an exam.

5.In case you missed your Facebook feed being filled with adorable floofballs, #destressdogs of Durfess is officially back, and we are eternally grateful to all the pet-owners out there who are spreading the joy.

Source: Daniel Dorcheh

6.The DU Library Police Instagram Account which was the hot topic of many Durfess’ last week has finally been shut down, whether through victims reporting or if the so-called ‘exec’ had finally realised the consequences of their actions.

7.Ice cream vans. Everywhere.

Source: Meghna Amin

8.Petting zoos have been going around the colleges, which means if you think you’ve had a particularly bad exam you might just come home to some bunny cuddles or sheep walking.

9.Whilst we’ve been at home “revising”, we’ve also supposedly been saving money that would’ve otherwise be spent on 6 Jager bombs and at least 3 Fixr tickets a week, which means we’ve had more to spend on the real things that matter, like desserts from Deliveroo and more much-needed takeaway than usual.

10.LESS THAN A WEEK TILL LOVE ISLAND IS BACK (and although for the unfortunate of you that means yet another hour spent not revising, at least this one won’t count as wasted).

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